Personal Liability / 3rd Party Claims

The rights of the third party are limited to its claim against the person who caused the damage and do not extend to the insurer of the latter party.

Personal Liability / 3rd Party Claims

The fact of a person, rather than a company or organization, being legally responsible for something.

Personal Liability / 3rd Party Claims


A third party is defined as a person or group apart from two others, who are primarily involved in a legal transaction, such as an individual and her insurer.

This insurance is designed to provide compensation to a third party, should you cause damage to their person, vehicle or property. In the case of a car accident, where a person has driven blindly into an intersection and into the side of another car, third party insurance would cover damage to the other person’s vehicle, that person and any passengers involved.

Third party insurance does not cover the costs of repairs or treatment for your own damages, the insurance only covers the cost involved in compensating the victim.

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    Dealing with the situation
    Quantification of damages

    If you have been involved in a vehicle accident or accident involving another’s property, where you were not at fault, you may want to claim back for damages from the insured party. In order to do this, you must attempt to prove the extent of loss you suffered, as a result of the incident.

    If you are involved in a car accident, or accident involving property in which you are a third party, the onus is in you, the claimant to prove the extent of your losses.

    Also, it is important to note that as a third party, you are not necessarily eligible to claim directly from the responsible party’s insurer. Instead, you should make a direct claim from the responsible party, who will in turn hand over any correspondence and legal documents to her insurer.

    The duty of the insurer to the responsible party is to ensure that she is cleared of legal liability regarding damages to the third party. The rights of the insurer regarding the claim will be stipulated in the insurance policy with the insured party.

    Essentially, the purpose of the insurer in third party insurance is to take over the responsibility of the insured party, should she be the cause of damages to another person or her property.