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Not your fault?

Not your problem!

No Win No Fee

We do not charge if you do not win.

Quaestio Forensic Assessors

Quaestio is a group of Forensic Assessors that specialises in the examination and reconstruction of motor vehicle accidents. We have more than 20 years of experience in merit and quantum investigations, personal injuries and RAF claims, and have a reputation of being a reliable, ethical partner who works thoroughly and professionally.

The meaning of the word Quaestio originates from the Roman Civil Law, which was a commission established to inquire into a criminal matter. The name represents our business as forensic investigators, which qualifies our work to be used in a court of law.

We have highly qualified accident investigators and a network of attorneys with extensive experience in handling road accident claims. If it was not your fault it shouldn’t be your problem! We offer free consultations and we work on a “no win, no fee” basis.

Bodily Harm / Assault

Being assaulted is not your fault. It is important to remember that assault is a crime, and as an assaulted victim, you do not have to deal with this alone. We can help you to stop brutal attacks on you and your family. Domestic violence needs to be stopped. Attacks in the work place needs to be addressed.


The Road Accident Fund (RAF) is an Insurance Company created by the Road Accident Fund Act, and is run by the Minister of Transport for and on behalf of the Government of South Africa. It receives money from the fuel levy, which must be used fairly to compensate innocent victims of Road Accidents.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Road injuries resulted in 1.4 million deaths in 2013 up from 1.1 million deaths in 1990. This is about 2.5% of all deaths.

Unlawful Arrest / Detention without trial

Wrongful arrest is physically detaining someone without proper legal authority. A false arrest must be perpetrated by one who asserts that he or she is acting pursuant to legal authority, whereas a false imprisonment is any unlawful confinement.

Police Assault

Are you the victim of police assault, police brutality or other police misconduct? You may have a claim for damages and you may be able to institute a personal injury claim against the South African Police Services.

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    Mrs. Mkhwanazi

    The staff at Quaestio was very friendly and of great assistance. They picked me up from my home to visit my husband in the hospital. He was only released a week after he was involved in an accident. We are so greatful for the service we received!

    Moegamat Allies

    Thank you to each and everyone at Quaestio. Without your help, I would not have known my rights to claim after I slipped and fell off the stairs at work. Thanks to you, I was fully reimbursed with regards to loss of income and medical expenses, as I am only a contract...