Metrorail Train Accidents

Metrorail is an operator of commuter rail services in the major urban areas of South Africa. It is a division of the Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (PRASA), a state-owned enterprise which is responsible for most passenger rail services in South Africa.

Metrorail Train Accidents

In recent years, much concern has been raised about the safety of passengers on Metrorail trains, both due to crime and accidents. Sometimes passengers are robbed and then thrown of moving trains or assaulted on trains. If you are a passenger on a Metrorail train, authorities must make sure your safety are secured. Trains are unhallowed to move with open doors. Railway stations must be secured with safety guards at all times. You must be in possession of a valid train ticket.

Metrorail Train Accidents

If you have been injured or a family member was killed due to the negligence on the part of Metrorail, or any other rail service operator, you may have a legitimate claim for compensation.

There are a number of train accidents, where you may be entitled to make a claim:

  • Fall or are pushed on the station platform
  • Fall or are pushed out of a moving train
  • Fall during boarding or disembarking
  • Fall on Metrorail property
  • Personally injured in a train accident
  • You are the dependent of a deceased victim of a rail accident

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    Using Metrorail in South Africa can be potentially dangerous, as trains and platforms may be dangerous to use at times. When you or one of your dependents is injured while using their services, you may be entitled to a personal injury claim. There are many circumstances in which people can be injured while using trains, including people who fall out of trains, people who are pushed from moving trains by others. You may also be a victim of people pushing the crowed at a train station or fall while trying to get on or off a train. In all these cases we can assist you with a claim. We have to investigate first to see if you qualify for a claim against Metrorail.

    Need To Know

    It’s also Metrorail’s responsibility to ensure that their passengers are safe while traveling on their trains and using their services, and by transporting millions of people every month there is always a possibility of an accident happening. This can either be on one of their trains or on their platforms while you board.

    Metrorail accident claims are best handled by an experienced legal team. We work with personal injury claims on a regular basis and we have an excellent success record. If you’ve suffered loss or damages as a result of the Metrorail service, we can help.

    Take photos

    Take photos of the location where the incident has happened as well as the surrounding area.

    Photos of the injuries sustained will strengthen your case.